Iconomize.com specializes in making Desktop Shortcut Icon Installers for your favorite websites. We are the first web site to offer the eBay Desktop Shortcut with only a few clicks. Just download the installer and run the file. You will find the eBay icon on your desktop in seconds. For the everyday eBay user, No more typing in www.ebay.com just click on your eBay Desktop icon.

The First eBay and Amazon Icon Installer

Iconomize.com has developed an icon installer that delivers an icon to your desktop as a desktop shortcut linking to some of your favorite website’s like eBay or Amazon. No more having to fuss with learning how to create a shortcut and then having to figure out how to switch the icon.

Our Installers make it easy for users to just click and get what they need without the learning curve.

Watch Out for Fake eBay and Amazon Sites

The eBay Icon Installer was developed in retaliation to the growing number of fraudulent websites disguised as our favorite websites so that you willfully type in your username and password and unknowingly hand it to them on a silver platter. Within seconds of accidentally falling for this scam, your account can be compromised and inflicted with an unpredictable amount of damages.

Identity theft is the #1 growing threat on the Internet today and unfortunately the culprits attack us at our favorite websites such as eBay, Amazon, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

Using the eBay Icon Installer by Iconomize.com to access ebay.com will decrease the chances of you being fooled by a fake eBay site.

All of our Installers are 100% Spyware and Adware FREE.

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